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The current penetration of smartphones among the population is high, this converts the mobile channel into a great tool to market your products and services.

The mayor advantage of mobile phones is they are 24h with your customers. This means that whenever your app is downloaded, you are always there, so it is a great opportunity to capture clients attention and promote your products.

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App Cost Versus Other Costs

Once you have focused on the benefits of an app, loyalty cards and coupons driving new or returning business and what have you, you absolutely should focus on costs saved.

An app is the answer to multiple business needs. With an app you have no need to worry about getting loyalty cards or coupons designed and printed; push notifications to customers who install your app letting them know about new offers means there’s no need to run a printed promotion campaign; by the same token you do not need to sit at your computer prepare and send emails or leaflets advertising your services.

We Analyze Your Business Thoroughly!

We always analyze your business in question and look at its current assets. By assets we mean: does it have a website; does it have a fan page; does it have a twitter account? What content is on the website?

When we do a thorough analysis we can get a more complete picture of the business and it also gives us a starting point for building your app to suit your company.

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The Future Of The App

By Michael Millar Business reporter, BBC News (extract)

The one thing you can be sure of is technology develops very quickly, which begs the question: will apps remain a feature of business for any meaningful time?

“We are seeing huge advancements in mobile websites and many app features you pay so dearly for, like animation, are becoming available on the mobile web”, says Mr McCaffrey.

“It’s difficult to say apps are a flash in the pan when Apple has had billions of downloads in three years.”
Jim Hemmer, CEO , Antenna

“Apple is pushing apps hard but at the same time Google is very much pushing the mobile web – and I wouldn’t bet against either Apple or Google,” he says.

What seems clear is attracting and engaging customers through mobile devices in some form is going to become increasingly important.

“Every enterprise will need [a mobile offering] as a central part of their infrastructure – deployment of mobiles and tablets are outstripping desktops,” says Jim Hemmer, CEO of international mobile technology designer Antenna.

“It’s connected 24/7, it offers immediacy and access to data in a form and substance that you need it.”

“People have a great affinity to their phone or tablet – if you can get your brand in there it can drive great results, far more effective than other forms of branding,” he says.

“It’s there when they go to sleep and it’s there when they wake up.”

So now it’s just up to you to decide how you go to bed with your customers.

The first thing we say to clients who want an app is ‘are you sure?’ Over To You Now!